**Prices are all in CDN dollars

Our beeswax is filtered and cleaned from the hive, completely unaltered and smells wonderful! It is guaranteed 100% pure Canadian beeswax, there is no blending with foreign waxes and no additives added. We use it to make candles to keep your home smelling welcoming and comforting, but it can also be used for beauty products, craft projects, and so much more. It comes in a clean pearl white or sunset yellow.
With this item, there is a minimum order quantity of 50lbs.


White WaxUnder 100lbs -> $8.50/lb
Under 500lbs -> $8.00/lb
Over 500lbs -> $7.50/lb
Yellow WaxUnder 100lbs -> $7.50/lb
Under 500lbs -> $7.00/lb
Over 500lbs -> $6.50/lb